Missal Cover: 2024 Source & Summit Missal, Standard Edition
Missal Cover: 2024 Source & Summit Missal, Standard Edition
Missal Cover: 2024 Source & Summit Missal, Standard Edition

Missal Cover: 2024 Source & Summit Missal, Standard Edition

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A common question, after publishing our first edition of the Source & Summit Missal, was "how can we protect our missal investment with clear missal covers?" Hard cover prayer books or a leather missal, breviary, or leather Bible have built-in protection to keep the pages looking crisp and clean for years. But an annual Catholic missal, whether used in the parish or as a personal missal, can be kept in good order with clear vinyl covers. Missals with a vinyl cover stay clean and protected from dog-eared pages even after a significant amount of wear and tear in the pews. Your typical online Catholic store covers a wide variety of items like holy cards, bible covers, leather covers, and Liturgy of the Hours books, but these items are mainly for individuals while the church supplies of these stores tend to be focused on items like the Roman Missal, holy water fonts, or altar covers, and not pew accessories. A clear cover from Source & Summit allows for the beautiful commissioned religious art from New Jerusalem Studios, and the official prayers / Catholic prayers on the back to be seen while still keeping your parish investment safe. You could even tuck a prayer card or custom insert into the inside of the front cover. We're also pleased to offer these covers at 45-75 cents less per cover than other leading publishers.


While the dimensions of the cover listed below are specific to the dimensions of the Source & Summit Missal, Standard Edition, these covers may fit other missals with similar dimensions. If twice the front cover width plus the spine width of your missal is 13 3/4" or less and the height of your missal is 9 1/4" or less this cover may fit. We are unable to process returns on these covers so if you would like to speak with a customer support representative before ordering please email: support@sourceandsummit.com for more information.

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Cover Dimensions: 

  • 14" x 9 3/8"

Missal Dimensions

This cover is designed specifically to fit the Source & Summit Missal, Standard Edition, which is a softbound missal with the following dimensions:

  • Length: 6.125"
  • Height: 9.25"
  • Width: 1.41"

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